Sorting & Grading Process


The mix clothing from U.S.A, UK, Europe and Canada and then sorted into different categories which are: trousers, t-shirts and shirts, children clothing, jackets, house hold clothing and ladies items.


After sorting each and every piece has to be checked to ensure that the customer gets the correct clothing which they are paying for. While checking the grader makes sure that their should not be any hole, stain or torn clothes.

Quality Checking:

Before each bale is packed our supervisor is checking each and every bale to make sure the quality and sizes should be according to the demand of the customer.


We usally pack 45 kgs or 100 lbs bales and pants and shirts are in pcs.

We also pack in big bales on demand of customer from pakistan and india market

Loading and shipping:

Our experience staff is trainned to load maximun bales in the container leaving no space. We can load around 540 bales to 580 bales in a 40 ft hc container depending on items.